CDG Books is the non-academic imprint of Castledown, and we are seeking proposals for novels, novellas, non-fiction, essays, and opinion pieces. All titles selected for publication will go through a stringent review process, and if selected, the editors will work with the authors to assist them in putting together the best possible manuscripts they can.

All proposals should be directed to Please feel free to contact us for advice about any ideas you might have, and we would be happy to help you throughout the planning and writing process.

Please note that there is no cost to authors at any point (unless artwork is required), including the manuscript submission, reviewing, editing, or publication phases. Authors will be entitled to a percentage of the sales of all copies of either paper-based or e-book editions of their books.

With our offices in London, New York, Tokyo, and Melbourne, we will be able to give maximum exposure to your work, and it will be available in both print and digital versions around the globe.

New Titles:

Natalie Shaw: Maps and bodies

Natalie Shaw: Maps and bodies
Jane Stockwell (2021)

Natalie Shaw is an architect, and her idea of excitement is enjoying a coffee after a long day at work. Little did she know that a blood-stained map in a fortune cookie and a body in a building she designed ... [more]

Contact Person:

Jennifer Buchanan
Commissioning Editor
CDG Books, New York Office